Licensee Program Details...

The Lightarian Licensee Program is a simple yet structured program to insure that our copyright manuals and booklets are handled impeccably by those that we select for the program. With this type of arrangement, the Licensee is authorized to translate, copy and provide manuals to their own students and also to distribute them commercially to other Lightarian teachers in the licensee's own country and perhaps others. A major commitment is required on the part of the Licensee.

If you are interested in applying for a Licensee position, please note the position requirements below:

logo circleReceived most (if not all) of our modalities and committed to sharing the work with others  

logo circleAcquired a good depth of experience with the Lightarian energy work beforehand

logo circleHas a high level of accomplishment with the English language and a good capability with computers and computer files

logo circleAble to handle the "commercial" aspects of distribution of the materials

To one degree or another, we look for all of these talents and experience levels when we choose a Licensee.  Do you think a Licensee position is for you?  Please send your resume/CV to Peggy Zeramby. Send Email