Vivienne Kueck, Lightarian Licensee, South Africa

Posted: April 2007

Crystal Blessings: Benefits of Amethyst

Name: Amethyst

Origin: Used as a talisman, back to the 13th century.

Description: Transparent ranging in colour from light to dark purple. The presence of the manganese in clear Quartz produces the Amethyst. The iron content varies in strength of the purple colouration.

Source: South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia

Healing Properties: Heal the higher self energies with this beautiful mineral that brings enlightened awareness with a change in consciousness. Assure yourself of a good night's rest with Amethyst, when placed under your pillow. This gemstone may also be carried in order to alleviate fear, replacing the emotion with love.
Healing Layout: Make yourself comfortable in a place where you will be undisturbed. Place five amethyst pieces like a fan around your crown chakra and one piece on the third eye.

Take several nice deep breaths in and out. Pay particular attention to the Crown chakra. On each inhalation, breathe into the energy of Source, the infinite one, quieting the body by just focusing on the breath. Now, call and connect with Archangel Michael, asking for his assistance with this healing. Repeat when needed.

Crystal Blessings,
Vivienne Kueck


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