Stephen Lovering, Reiki Master/Teacher and Lightarian Institute Teacher/Facilitator

Posted: February 2007

Curable from Within!

Working with people who have serious or life threatening illnesses made me aware that an increasing number of people were being denied the chance to learn and work with Reiki. I was amazed to hear that people were being told that they couldn’t learn Reiki if they had a serious illness as they may pass the illness on to others or even being told that there was no point! Having clients and friends who have serious illnesses, and seeing the benefits they gained from learning and working with Reiki, was the catalyst for starting Curable from Within.

Currently a non-profit organisation (soon to be a registered charity) free Level one courses in Usui Reiki are offered throughout the United Kingdom to people who have terminal/serious illnesses. Curable from Within will ultimately expand to the USA and Canada and will rely purely on donations from supporters.

I actively promote and encourage the teaching of Reiki to disabled and physically less able students - there is absolutely NO REASON why people with disabilities or terminal illnesses cannot learn Reiki - some of the best Reiki practitioners have disabilities/terminal illnesses and of course by working with Reiki they are promoting their own well being and clearing and healing process.

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't learn and work with Reiki - YOU CAN !

Further information can be found at www.curablefromwithin.org - if you know anyone who may benefit from the courses offered please feel welcome to refer them to the website.


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