Sharron Brooks, Lightarian Licensee, Australia and New Zealand

Posted: September 2007

Featured Licensee.. Sharron Brooks

Hello, I am Sharron from Australia and like you I am embracing a shift in personal, planetary and holistic, heart-centred consciousness. Perhaps through a short trip into my background info, I can help you to know a little more about me..........

As a young child I recall being able to know and sense things outside of the normal five senses... with various memories of childhood events still appearing quite clear in my mind. Perhaps the earliest recall was surrounding the passing of my grandfather (when I was seven), and then later with my uncle (when I was eleven) ... I feel these were two of the more prominent early moments in my life that elicited an opening, into an emerging ability that my psyche did not question... just accepted as a child does.

I was at a piano lesson at the time of Grandfather’s passing, perhaps it was the sound of my playing that attracted him to me... anyway, it was the perfect place and time to say goodbye. I smile these days when I think of my piano teacher’s facial expression when I suddenly stopped playing my music in favour of beginning a conversation with what would have appeared to her, as an empty space. Later when Uncle Syd passed, again the images and perceptions came to me. At the time I didn’t really understand why they looked the way they did or why I could see them when others could not, I just continued to sense and feel their presence as light emitting through a transparency... with my childlike mind simply accepting this without question, as a parting gift of love. This gift of sight I remember had rather a disquieting affect upon my family and peers, and so, over time I became silent, as the presence of spirit slowly faded from my mind until my mid teenage years, when the sadness of parting with beloved friends, rekindled my abilities once more. I began again to sense and feel their ethereal images as they began their journey back into Spirit. Oh! So bittersweet I recall.

Some years later... perhaps my 18th year, I was a passenger in the front seat of a car that was rear ended. I remember seeing a flash of light when the back of my head hit the metal hand-bar that was across the bench seat. The next thing I felt was a tugging feeling and then being suspended horizontally on the inside roof of the car looking down at my body. I remember extending my arm out in front of me and looking on in awe as it shimmered in the same way I had seen the spirit-bodies of those who had passed-over. It was a strange feeling, calmness bathed me. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as my cousin and friend spoke and tried to rouse me. The next thing I was back in my body and searing pain was my shooting through my head. And so began the quest to fathom what had happened in the car and why I could perceive what others around me could not.

The car accident left me with considerable neck and back discomfort. In my early 20’s my search for pain relief for the constant migraines progressed into healing and energy therapies, first as a recipient and student, then as a practitioner and teacher. In 1986 I began what was soon to become a passionate interest in Alternative Medicine and Healing Therapies. Over time I have been blessed to have witnessed and participated in many extraordinary healing events... with my studies extending from an early Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy and Hands-On and Projected Healing to the Lightarian Programs of today. Through my quest for knowledge and the need to understand my place in the cosmic dance, I discovered spirit guides and teachers, Ascended Masters, Angels... all extraordinary, all opening many different pathways that would extend my boundaries to embrace the In-Lightenment of my ever-changing life-perspectives... both personally and publicly.

Over the years I have learned to expect the unexpected; to release the old ways and allow myself to step off the precipice of the tried and true in order to experience the bounty of what life has to offer. My passion is people and I enjoy teaching and sharing the many discoveries, thoughts and ideas that have come my way. My life-changes, in conjunction with my intuitive skills help bring me insight and clarity, as I experience the expanse of my spiritual journey. Some of the more pleasurable pursuits that give enormous satisfaction are, personal journaling, enjoying the reflective flashes of 'first thought writing', graphic-art and pastel drawing.

My life can be described as atypical... and ‘Blessed’ is a good description of where I am right now. My greatest love is being a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter. I am both carer and wife to the most wonderful gentle man who is the light of my life, and between us we have 7 adult children and 8 grandchildren. I have been gifted two wonderful, kind, loving and caring parents, whose wellspring of wisdom and knowledge helped form the cornerstone of values that have carried me through, to today.

My inner-guidance asserts that we as a collective humanity are multi-dimensional Beings of Light essentially designed with innate abilities that far transcend the currently known and accepted five senses. They say an important step in the process of Self-discovery and personal growth is in experiencing a connectedness with our Soul-Essence and awakening to our Soul-vision. We are Infinite Beings they say, each leaving an energy imprint in the sands of time whilst in physical body, and through the exploration and resolution of pre-conditioning and beliefs, we awaken to the limitless possibilities of who We are.





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