Yuko Okamoto, Lightarian Licensee, Japan

Posted:February 2007

Featured Licensee.... Yuko Okamoto, Japan

My path to the world of healing and spirituality started and progressed along with raising my three sons. In 1989, my first son, one year old then, started running a high fever. I gave him a medicine for fever and three days later his temperature was still running high. I did not know what to do. Then I remembered a book on an old Japanese hand healing method I had read and it described a healing technique, receiving universal energy thru your left hand and sending it out through your right hand. Not really expecting it to work, I decided to give it a try and put my right hand on my son. To my surprise, it worked! It brought down his temperature in no time. Since then, I continued to experience this magic, “I put my hands on and the problem goes away”. Every time any of my sons got sick, I helped them heal by putting my hand on them. Still it was not something I was properly taught and I had no idea on how and why it works….

In October 1993, my family moved to Atlanta, US, Little did I know that I would experience a life-changing encounter there. One week after my arrival in Atlanta, I saw a huge sparkling white statue of an angel in front of a big church in Dunwoody, astonishingly tall and with magnificent wings. But next time I visited the church, the statue of an angel was not there. There was only a stone monument inscribed with the name of the church. The statue of an angel I saw was so real and could not be my imagination. I only found out much later that it was Archangel Michael who manifested himself to welcome me to the new world opening ahead of me. The first three years in the US had been a real challenge for me, having to raise three sons of young age, in a foreign country with completely different culture, not being able to understand, speak, read or write the language. I was feeling left alone, having no one to depend on. I was living with fear.

It was in April 1997, the moment when I first encountered Reiki. The healing of my own style, “receiving universal energy and running it through my hands”, was actually exactly what Reiki was and had the same quality of energy as Reiki. Reiki and Meditation gave me a lot of spiritual knowledge, inspiration and awakening. It was the time of my spiritual awakening, peeling off layers of my old issues and transforming into a new me. As soon as I was back to Japan in June 1998, I started practicing Reiki healing and past-life regression therapy.

In June 1999, I founded Y&Y Healing Center. In August 1999, the first URRI (Usui Reiki Ryoho International) Workshop was held in Vancouver, Canada, for which I was part of the workshop organizers. At this Vancouver workshop, some new information on the truly traditional Reiki in Japan as taught by Mr.Mikao Usui was first introduced to the western world and attracted the attentions from Reiki masters world-wide. In November 1999, I was given the role of Karuna Reiki ® Representative of Japan and started to officially introduce Karuna Reiki ® in Japan. In 2000, Y&Y Healing Center hosted the second URRI Workshop in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki masters in Japan and from overseas got together in Kyoto, the birthplace of Reiki. In October 2001, I introduced SSR (Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki) to Japan, holding the first SSR class in Japan, inviting Mr. Tom Rigler, a SSR master, from US. Tom introduced me Lightarian Programs then. Later in July 2002, I started to pass on AngelLink to my Reiki students. I became a Lightarian Licensee in Japan at the same time, helping to spread Lightarian programs in Japan. Without any intentions, I ended up with working to introduce the traditional Reiki in Japan to overseas for the fist two years after I was back to Japan and thereafter working a window for introducing western energy work to Japan.

Y&Y Healing Center, currently located at the center of Kyoto City, holds a very comfortable space where angels come forth whenever sessions or workshops are given. I regularly give classes/workshops for Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki ®, Healing practices, Angel Healing, Counseling & Aura Reading, Spiritual Aroma Therapy, Full/New Moon meditations, Channeling. And my private sessions include Lightwork Sessions, Spiritual Reading, Reiki healing, past-life regression therapy and attunements for Lightarian ReikiTM, Lightarian RaysTM, AngellinkTM. I have students and clients coming from all over Japan and also from overseas, including France, Canada, US, who are all seeking for healing and spiritual growth of their souls

My healing work is supported by Archangel Michael who has been guiding me since the first encounter and also by Angels and ascended masters. However my source of power on the physical plane is my three sons. My work evolved along with their growth. And more than anything else, the infinite love, power and support from Yukio Miura, the other staff of Y&Y Healing Center, my twin soul and my partner, have been what create and activate new energy work of Y&Y. www.yandyhc.com

Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Lightarian ReikiTM Master, SSR (SEKHEM-Seichim-Reiki) Master, Lightarian RayTM Teacher, AngelLinkTM Facilitator, Gendai Reiki Master, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Past-life Regression therapist, Hypno-therapist, Aroma Therapist, Reflexologist, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

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