Vivienne Kueck, Lightarian Licensee, South Africa

Posted:February 2007

Crystal Blessings: Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

Name: Tiger Eye

Description: A silicate – variation of Quartz containing fibers of Crocidolite altered to a golden colour, banded with chatoyancy

Source: South Africa

Healing Properties: This mineral is highly revered as the stone of prosperity, mental upliftment and vitality, specifically energizing the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Healing Layout: To connect with the power symbol of the sun, whilst lying down, place three Golden Tiger Eye gemstones evenly spaced onto the root chakra, three onto the sacral chakra and one on the solar plexus, creating a pyramid shape.

Relax for 5 – 10 minutes whilst taking several deep breaths in and out, through the solar plexus, quiet the mind and create a connection with Mother Earth.

Embrace and thank for the power of the Sun for this renewed energy and growth for your body, mind and soul. Repeat when needed.

To maintain this connection, keep one of your Tiger Eye gemstones either in your pocket or purse.
Enjoy your personal growth with the energy of Tiger Eye!

Crystal Blessings,
Vivienne Kueck
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