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Posted: February 2007

The Power of Intent: Connections
by Jodi A. Zeramby

It seems to me that every person is unique. That said, how is it that we are able to connect? We are individuals, alone in our perspective, that which is based on our experiences, instincts, societal influence, and genetic makeup. For example, the way I view a flower is different from your way. Depending on the day--my thoughts, my experiences, my health and my mental well-being, I will view the flower with different perceptions. Moreover, the way I view that flower today may be different than how I view it on a different day. Today, viewing a red calle lily, I see the texture, the merging and separation of colors, the elegant shape, life itself in this small cosmopolitan force of energy. I feel its aura, how it reflects pureness, complexity, and sweetness. I inhale its essence, smiling at the simplicity of the senses and how it can bridge the gap between human and plant, a profound connection. I recognize and am immersed in beauty. Without touching, I am touched.

Yet tomorrow or yesterday my senses are different. My interpretation of the lily, different. Why? Today, I take the time to notice, to be present. I am, so it is. I connect to myself, and by doing so, I connect to all that is part of my existence.

How, then, do we connect with others? We find a commonality among experiences. As humans, we attempt to explain—everything, not only to find order out of chaos, but also so that we can share, and by sharing, not be alone in our experiences. When I read a book, I may connect with the characters, the setting, or the message. This connection occurs when I recognize emotions I have felt or could imagine myself feeling when found in a similar situation. Pure conjecture, of course. How do I really know? Without the actual experience in the present, I have no solid foundation from which to formulate my supposed reactions.

Shared experiences bind us, whether shared in the mind and imagination or shared through the actual, physical actions. When people have a common experience or a common goal, it acts as a thread that binds them—the strongest thread, in fact. So, then are we looking at the goal, instead of the actual experience which connects us? Isn’t it true that the journey, the common experience is just as important? How do we define this paradoxical relationship of the journey and the finish line, and the natural outgrowth of people’s experiences and connections? Confusing, isn’t it? What do you think?

The question remains, how do we extend ourselves to truly connect with others? Is it even possible? I go back to connecting with my spirit. It is only through loving myself, accepting myself, and understanding myself that I can reach out to others. I have studied many philosophies, religions, thinkers, and scientists—amazing concepts, truly. The Transcendentalists espoused that we can only connect with our true power through intuition. By listening to our inner voices, we are able to tap into the Divine Soul. But, it is more than that. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “As fast as you conform your life to the pure idea in your mind, that will unfold its great proportions. A correspondent revolution in things will attend the influx of the spirit.” Yet, how do we know of what the pure idea consists, as opposed to selfish will? Does it matter? After all, isn’t it all about intention? If I desire a certain outcome, I send out my intention and let it go. I go on with life. I no longer worry the subject. At least, that is my aim. But, the mind doesn’t always work that way, does it? It goes back to perception, to the strength of the mind, to overcoming fears. And, it is more than positive thinking when we place our intentions into the universe; we have to believe in it one hundred percent, live the reality before it becomes the reality. If we harbor any doubts or fears for the positive outcome of the intention, that desire will not come to fruition. After all, we may be able to fool ourselves at times, but we cannot fool the universe. It hears all our thoughts, positive and negative, and grants every intention. We shift and shape reality with our thoughts, and thoughts create our undulating reality.

Some believe that, to live a purely spiritual life and to connect truly with the spirit, the Divine Soul, one must reject the rest of the world. To remain true to the spirit, one must release selfishness, anger, sadness, and all other types of lower vibrational emotions—emotions that emit negative, slower frequencies of vibration that make up our physical bodies. How is that possible when interacting with others who have their own wants, feelings, desires and agendas? Even if a person attains a higher vibrational energy level, that person is influenced by the bombardment of others’ energies. That’s where interacting is so fascinating! Positive emotions raise a person’s vibration, too. That energy affects others as surely as do negative emotions. When someone smiles at you, doesn’t it make you smile? It is uplifting, yes?

The question becomes how do we attain higher energetic vibrations? We allow for stillness in our lives. We reach for the calmness within. Yet, in this life, particularly in the United States, it is challenging to slow down, to stop, to meditate. Once we are able to tap into that stillness, we can apply it to our lives. Think of this: when you are on the right path, don’t you feel happy and alive? Isn’t that the most wonderful feeling! At that point, you are present, truly living in the moment. We ground ourselves with the experiences of life while allowing light to flood our spirits. We connect with not only our own pure energy, but with the energy of the universe in these moments. What is our purpose while on this Earth? To experience life in all its joyful physicality, in all our day-to-day interactions. Do we need to make a difference, do we need to be remembered or to be in a history book? Yes and no. Some people place their intentions within the universe to be remembered by many. They view their purpose in life is to leave a mark somehow. Sometimes those people are remembered, but perhaps not in the way they anticipated. Look at Shelley’s poem Ozymandias which reflects that point nicely regarding Ramesses II.

In the end, we do make a difference, just by existing. We are remembered, if not on this plane, then in a different one, not to mention by our Higher Selves—otherwise known as our spirits or our souls. Just by existing, we are a part of history, regardless of whether we are ever notated in some silly human book which synopsizes people’s actions. In the span of existence, we are a mere blip, at most. After all, our souls are merely encapsulated by our bodies for a short time. Yet, to ourselves, and to others we have touched, our existence has meaning. And, each person satisfies the Higher Self’s goal—to experience life in all its glory; no other purpose exists.

Sharing insights helps us to grow. So, who are you? How are you seeking out your enlightenment? What do you make of your life’s journey, so far? Where do you hope to go? Life is all about choices. What do you choose? Will it be the road less traveled? Robert Frost stated that it made all the difference.

Every action and inaction affects the next moment, the unfolding of life. Nothing occurs by accident—all is perfectly orchestrated. My words have come to you by your invocation. Otherwise, these words would not have reached you. I believe it is a sacred undertaking—to share thoughts. The intention I release into the universe is that you disregard any reticence you harbor and allow yourself to explore. Share your thoughts. It connects us.

2007 copyright Jodi A. Zeramby


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