jodiJodi A. Zeramby has had a rich history of interacting with the metaphysical community before finding her way to the Lightarian Institute. She has received all Lightarian modalities including Lightarian™ Reiki, Lightarian Rays™ , Lightarian Clearings™, Lightarian AngelLinks™, the Expansion Program, and the Purification Rings™. In fact, she played a leading role with creating the Lightarian Purification Rings™ program. In addition to her role as a Lightworker, Jodi is an author, attorney, and educator. With her education and skills, Jodi offers a practical outlook to the Lightarian modalities.

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Posted: April 2008

The Power of Intent: Gratitude
by Jodi A. Zeramby

Today I feel gratitude pour through me. Gratitude for my lifestyle, for all the wonderful events that fit into this puzzle, my puzzle, my life. I feel gratitude for my job, my house, my material possessions; I feel gratitude for my spouse, my family, my friends, my colleagues, and for those people with whom I interact; I feel gratitude for the knowledge I receive and transfer; I feel gratitude for the wondrous intra-workings of the universe. Even as I struggle, I laugh at the challenges because I am alive and happy and striving. As I fight for my livelihood and accept each change as it comes, I am bolstered. I find this reality—fascinating. I look forward to tomorrow. And so, these past days as I have grasped at the small indentations in life, struggling upward, plodding one small step by the next small step toward my goals, I find that I am reaching the summits! Although there were times when I could not see my progress, others did, even as they cheered me on. I am validated. It gives me renewed hope for all the areas within my world where I step forth purposefully, even while I cannot see through the miasma of chaos prevalent in life. I maintain my balance by understanding that I need not know the how’s, only the what’s—my goals.

Around me I hear those who bemoan their lots in life, who complain and dwell on what they lack. They remind me of still portraits, of snapshots taken during melancholy moments: Looking up the hill that must be climbed at the end of a long day. An autumn leaf floating on a muddy puddle. A person drinking an expensive bottle of wine alone on New Year’s Eve. Mist rising off a frozen lake. The ruffling of a wheat field like fingers through hair. A shy teen leaning against the far wall waiting to be asked to dance. A seagull crying as it wheels over the ocean. Feet swollen and blistered from walking in the wrong direction.

We talk about life, about attitude and perspective. We alter our outlook and count our blessings. Emotions shift toward positive outcomes: Standing in the rain, watching a rainbow form across the way. Finding five dollars on the street after counting pennies to buy milk. Walking through clouds on a mountain peak toward a spectacular vista. Perceiving the light fringing a closed door in a dark room. Viewing the first tulip blooming after the winter snows.

And, finally, we are present and accepting of each moment. Life is not so bad. In fact, it is quite wonderful! We experience life in all its glory, recount our blessings, and visualize our pleasure and satisfaction: Reading before a roaring fire while wrapped in an afghan. Perfect silence as snow blankets the city. New adventures in well-known areas. Sailing the sheltered cove at sunset. Hands clasped in friendship. Rambunctious puppies spilling over each other to kiss you. A career that makes your heart sing. Writings that alter your perception. Because, as Langston Hughes so wonderfully states: we are “Walkers With The Dawn.”

Being walkers with the dawn and morning,
Walkers with the sun and morning,
We are not afraid of night,
Nor days of gloom,
Nor darkness--
Being walkers with the sun and morning.

And so we walk our roads, accepting all that occurs in our lives—the magnificent unfolding of events that we create. We seek balance in all matters, which includes creating viewpoints that cut through the grays of life, the blurry lines between our perceptions and others’ viewpoints, the perceived struggles we experience while attempting to understand this beautiful, heart-aching, wonderful world, and the outcomes of actions people take while attempting to mold their realities. Most importantly, we appreciate each moment, respectful of others’ stories but standing true within our own.

Inspired by E.E. Cummings, as I start each day, so I end it:

I thank You God for most this amazing day: for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes

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2008 copyright Jodi A. Zeramby


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