peggyPeggy Zeramby has served as President of the Lightarian Institute for more than 10 years. She is a Reiki Master for Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Reiki as well as the Master Lead Teacher for all Lightarian programs. Further, she has served to anchor in programs such as Lightarian Ascension Bands, Lightarian Purification Rings and the advanced Lightarian Gateway program. She is also a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist, a second level CranioSacral Therapist, a Certified Feng Shui consultant, and an Advanced Energy Teacher, bringing many tools to the table to support each person's individual process. In addition to her energy classes, Peggy has delivered professional clairvoyant/clairaudient sessions for more than 25 years. 

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by Peggy Zeramby

Attunements: What are they? What do you do with them?
The Lightarian programs are attunement-based. So, what does that mean, and how do you get the most from your attunements?  Each time you receive an attunement, your chakras and auric bodies are fine-tuned to a certain vibration which corresponds with the attunement being received. During the attunement ritual, this specific level of vibration is anchored into your energetic system. After the attunement, you will enter the process of releasing what does not match up with this new energetic anchor, transforming what serves you into better alignment with this anchor and integrating your Higher Self into more and more of your physical Self. Until you reach the specific vibration of the specific attunement, you will experience a cyclical process of releasing, transforming, and integrating. 

Where does a Lightarian attunement anchor come from? 
Being the initial anchor for an attunement program is a very profound process that, many times, takes years. The Lightarian Beings begin the process of altering the physical and energetic being of the one partnered with as the original anchor of the program.
As the journey continues, this recipient may feel the compulsion to meditate or to be “unavailable” to the outside world for long periods of time. Integration happens during these times, and further energetic alterations occur. Finally, the program receiver will undergo full-body channeling, allowing the information for each level of the new program to flow through. At that point, the program can be reduced to writing.
The Lightarian Institute is able to offer a new program to the Lightarian community once a platform of the program has been created and anchored through.  It is only with this platform/anchor that we can go forward in attuning individuals to the program. To bring forth a quality, anchored program, a partnership must occur between the high vibrational energetic beings and someone in the Earth plane who serves as the original anchor.

What about free will?  Once I am attuned, can I stop this process if I want to? 
Free will is always respected. Nothing is ever done to you. The attunement is requested by you, given permission by you, and the work is done by you and the specific attunement’s High Vibration Being. At any point in time, you can choose to slow, pause, end, or even begin the process once again. The attunement is permanent. Yet, by your choice, it can become inactive. You are always respected and honored by all the Beings who work with the Lightarian programs. That is exciting to know. If you wish to go deeper with your attunements, you can do so. The angels, ascended masters, and master ET energies will support you in whatever way you wish. 

What are the benefits of an attunement program? 
As you prepare and receive an attunement, you will move through an accelerated transformation process. Something that might take you decades or longer to move through can be moved through in an accelerated period of time, such as a few years or weeks instead. The Lightarian programs work together to create optimal platforms for transformation. The Lightarian Institute offers three Tracks—Ascended Master Track, Angel Track, and Buddhic Track.  Within those three Tracks are a total of six programs, all ranging to five or six levels within each program, plus an advanced program which requires the Angel and Buddhic Tracks to be completed beforehand. Most people end up receiving all of the programs, as each program works harmoniously with the others to propel individuals forward in their spiritual journey. 

How can you get the most from your attunements? 
Attunements are cyclical. As you receive them, the process will begin where you release what no longer serves you. You will transform what you are ready in that moment to transform, and then you will integrate. The integration process is important, as it is during this time that your chakras and auric fields will harmonize at a new vibration. As your being welcomes in more Light, you will experience releases of what no longer serves you and changes which will transform you. Your being will align with a different vibrational frequency and function in a new way. Enjoying the integration by taking note of the patterns offered for release is paramount. This journey readies you to release patterns you might not have been ready to release in the past. The process will begin once again where you release, transform, and integrate. You might attract a certain scenario, class, or awareness that helps you to move and pivot your energetic self. As time passes, you will become more efficient with this attunement dance.

Do you ever need to be re-attuned to the same program? 
No, never. That is the beautiful part of attunement-based programs. With massage or Reiki treatments, for example, what you receive is for that 30/60/90 minute time period. Massage and Reiki treatments are an important part of a wellbeing lifestyle, and what they offer is much different from an attunement.  An attunement is permanent. Personally, I go through a “spring clearing” or “fall pickup” by going into a meditation and choosing which program to explore to a greater extent. Sometimes, I feel an alignment to go deeper with the ascended masters or the angels. I call in the particular Beings and “renew my vows” with that particular program. Over the ensuing weeks, I feel myself allowing a recalibration of the attunement process I already experienced when I first received the program. This helps with the Self Actualization-Ascension/Descension process, which will be explained in more depth in a future article. 

Happy accelerating...


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