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Posted: April 2007

Channeling: Circle of LIGHT

through Peggy Zeramby, Lead Teacher, Channel and President, Lightarian Institute, USA

Before the Circle of LIGHT step forward to speak, I would like to take a moment to personally thank all of you for sending in your questions. They were fantastic. Please keep them coming!

With Love and Light, Peggy Zeramby

It is with honor that we come forth to speak to you. In our communications with you, you will find the answers to your questions. Some are in depth and others are touched upon. We wish to speak about that which you, as a community, are able to assist and transform. Finding One's Own Truth is the title of this newsletter. We enjoyed this very much and would like to expand upon this subject. Each individual Being is different from the next, yet we are all the same. In your incarnational experience, the differences are exaggerated as you are a blend of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Let us speak about living on the earth plane as a multi-dimensional being. When your physical body took form, your Spirit/Higher Self joined with your personality/ego. We would like to share an analogy to help best to visualize what we speak of:

Please visualize your earthly life as a road. For those of you who decide to live in a physical body, the body is represented in this analogy as a vehicle. The driver and the vehicle become one. The desire of the driver (higher self) shifts into high or low gear, or turns right or left and so much more. The vehicle itself (personality/ego) has its needs and desires. It desires oil changes, gas, windshield wiper fluid, maintenance, etc. Actually, the driver desires this as well so that the driver is able to stay on the road and continue to go from place to place. Even in these simple terms, the creation process is fully in place.

The Law of Attraction is in full force. What challenges come up or fun adventures present themselves are all based on what the vehicle/driver draws to himself or co-creates with the Universe to experience. Please accept into your mental body that you are One. One within your Being --- as a multidimensional being --- and then One with All that Is. There is no separation.

When we speak of the Ascension process, of allowing one's "higher self" to anchor more fully into your incarnational experience, there is an awareness from our side that your higher self is joined with your earthly aspects. There is no separation. The Ascension process can also be viewed as an awareness of where one's choices are sourced from --- physical body, emotional body, mental body, or the spiritual body. The spirit body is fully connected to all parts of its Being. It desires to nurture all aspects of who you are in order to maintain its choice to be incarnated. It deeply respects and honors itSelf as well as All that Is. When One continuously switches from "cruise control" to allowing your higher Self to be the one to choose speed, etc. there is the ability to choose more options and to co-create even more fluidly. When we shift to the "driver" navigating, there is less fear, an increase in joy, love and an expanded sense in one's entire being. All still falls within the Law of Attraction and the co-creation process.

Let us now shift our awareness to Gaia. Many of you wonder if all the healing support that you send has an impact on future natural disasters. She is healing. All of the love that you have and continue to pour into her does make a difference. Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner or not, as you connect with her energies when taking a walk, gardening in your yards, enjoying her bountiful gifts, simply choose to send her Love and appreciation. From there, allow your actions to match your intention with recycling, conserving, planting, honoring Gaia and rejoicing in her beauty.

It is true that as of this time, we still see that Gaia will have future releases. Yet until it happens, there is still room for a different action to occur than the ones that are predicted. Therefore, we would like you to turn your attention away from living your life in fear of what might or might not happen and to turn your thoughts and emotions to connecting with your inner voice. Trust that you will “know” when to go, move, stay or whichever action is appropriate for yourself. As many of you have been learning, the Law of Attraction is in place. If you visualize yourself in a happy, peaceful space and you maintain that choice, then you will be where you are meant to be when or if Gaia shifts physically.

On one last note, when you do go through "loss" in your world, please grieve in a healthy way. In the incarnational experience one must grieve, even when we have the awareness that the loved one that has just transitioned over is truly not gone. Yet, they no longer are "available" in the way that we are used to having them available. Your mental, emotional and physical parts of your being need to and can adjust. Our gift to you is that we can see that, once the tears start to dry and you are once again able to look around you, there is love, joy, peace and abundance available to you once again.

Again, we are deeply honored to touch and be touched by all of you.

The Circle of LIGHT

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