peggyPeggy is a Reiki Master for Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Reiki. She is also a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist, a second level CranioSacral Therapist, a Certified Feng Shui consultant, and an Advanced Energy Teacher, bringing many tools to the table to support each person's individual process. In addition to her energy classes, Peggy has delivered professional clairvoyant/clairaudient sessions for over 20 years. 

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Posted:February 2007

Channeling: Circle of LIGHT

through Peggy Zeramby, Lead Teacher and Channel, President, Lightarian Institute, USA

We are the Circle of LIGHT. Many of you know us as our individual entities as we are the Angels, Ascended Masters, Maitreya, all levels that make up the Godhead and yet we are more than that. About two years ago, we started to channel to Peggy Zeramby as the group energy as before then she would channel us individually. When she stepped into her position last year as the Leader for the Lightarian Institute we continued to come to her to assist her in the day to day happenings in your world and also through the energy work that she facilitates. This past year has been a year of alignment, and preparation for all that is manifesting for the Lightarian Institute.

As the Circle of LIGHT we also consist of energies that many of you are not aware of on a conscious level. We support you none the less and there is always such celebration when each of you have received or choose to facilitate an attunement for others. We are joyful from this side as we watch all of you expanding, becoming lighter and brighter. There have been many changes to the energies of your Earth which only propels each of you forward along your path of spiritual growth. Gaia continues to make her shifts and changes as she releases much like you do. And there is still many to assist as they step into their own power and onto their own accelerated spiritual path.

The Circle of LIGHT includes and is connected to all vibrational realms. The image we share is a brilliant ball of Light that represents the whole of this realm of the Universe and connected as one to the other "balls" of Light which consists of all vibrational realms. Each one of you represents a combination or extraction from this ball of Light. You are a particular formula or combination, if you will, that is anchored inside your body while it is alive. As you live your life in your physical reality, and learn, release, stretch and grow you are still one with the whole and therefore your growth is our growth. There is such gratitude from this side of awareness for all that each of you are doing, because as you expand the “Ball” expands its ability to expand throughout all the incarnational experiences. There are also many beings that learn from this side of the veil through those that are on a path such as yours. The purpose of introducing ourselves to all of you is so that you might submit questions. We are lovingly available to each of you every moment. With appreciation and gratitude.....the Circle of LIGHT.

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