peggyPeggy is a Reiki Master for Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki® and Lightarian™ Reiki. She is also a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist, a second level CranioSacral Therapist, a Certified Feng Shui consultant, and an Advanced Energy Teacher, bringing many tools to the table to support each person's individual process. In addition to her energy classes, Peggy has delivered professional clairvoyant/clairaudient sessions for over 20 years. 

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Posted: September 2007


(Meditation Channeled by Peggy Zeramby as a gift from Ascended Master Buddha)

Take one Quartz - Lepidocrosite and place it onto your heart chakra.

Breathe deeply and allow the oxygen to infuse into all of your cells throughout your entire body...reaching all parts of your upper body, spreading up into your head, expanding out to the finger tips and then also all the way down to your toes.

Feel the Quartz - Lepidocrosite ignite with the unconditional love of the Reiki energy. Notice how it is connecting with each of your chakras through your heart center. Feel the oxygen assisting the Reiki energy to cleanse each cell. Stay in this state until you feel it is time to move onto the next step.

Now visualize your being releasing any emotions that no longer are an energetic match for this new state of awareness. Allow the Quartz - Lepidocrosite to serve you by taking for you all that does not serve. Continue to breathe deeply allowing Ascended Master Buddha to assist you at any point along the away where you might need some help.

Once the meditation is complete, take your beautiful stone and ensure that you cleanse it, nurturing it as it has nurtured you.

Many blessings in the LIGHT


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