Lightarian Registration Procedures...

What does the Lightarian Registration Process do for the Teacher and Student?

    bullet Completes the training and attunement process for the Lightarian energy work

bullet Strengthens the relationship between the Student and Teacher

bullet Properly validates the Student as a new teacher with the Lightarian Institute

bullet Enhances the commitment on the part of all involved to authentically promote and deliver the Lightarian energy work

bullet Allows new Teachers to facilitate the Lightarian program to their own students

bullet Allows new Teachers to purchase their own Training Manuals (from the Institute or its authorized International Licensees) for their own Students

bullet And most importantly, maintain the integrity of the Lightarian programs.

Two ways for a Lightarian Teacher to register a Student:
[1] For a first-time Student, a printed Registration Form (included in the Manual for the modality) is to be:

[a] Filled out and signed by the Student...then
[b] sent by the Student to the Teacher for signing...then
[c] forwarded by the Teacher to the Lightarian Institute*
NOTE: Full instructions are included on the Registration Form itself.

[2] For all subsequent attunement/trainings received by the newly registered Student, registration is still required; however, no additional signed Forms are needed. Please do not send information for later attunements before forwarding the first attunement information.  If your standard alphabet is not similar to English, please use the font named “Times New Roman” or “Arial”, point 12 or larger.

Registration information is via a simple notification (via e-mail, mail or fax *) and should include....

[a] the Student's name,
[b] the Student's email address,
[c] the particular modality delivered,
[d] the date of the attunement** and
[e] the Teacher's name

** TIME REQUIRED BETWEEN ATTUNEMENTS for each Lightarian program:

Lightarian Reiki.......................30 days
Lightarian AngelLinks..............0 days
Lightarian Purification Rings….7 days
Lightarian Rays.......................7 days
Lightarian Clearings................7 days
NOTE: The manuals mention the ability to facilitate the attunements outside of these timeframes.  That option would be for the rare individual.  If the time frame is reduced between a student's attunement, an explanation from the teacher must be submitted before the registration will be recorded.