Use of Lightarian Name and Information...

We are frequently asked about how the Registered Lightarian Teacher/Facilitators around the globe can use the information shown on the Lightarian Institute’s website and contained in the manuals and booklets for their own advertising and promotion activities.  The following puts forth this information:

1) Information from the Lightarian Website
The website information can be used to develop your own wording for your own websites and promotional materials. When you do so, any major "word-for-word" excerpts should be identified as sourced from the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation. You must always use the ™ symbol where appropriate and identify the work as "Trademark of the Lightarian Institute."

2) The use of the "Client Information" from the Lightarian Ray Manuals
As mentioned in the Ray training manuals, this information is for your own clients and you are free to make direct copies of those specific pages from the Manual. One important note...the Client Information that we provide is a very comprehensive treatment of the aspects of the work that we feel a client should read before receiving a Ray attunement. However, there may be situations where you would like to adapt the material, perhaps simplifying it if you wish, in order to develop your own wording for particular clients of your own. Again, any major "word-for-word" excerpts need to be identified as sourced from the Lightarian Institute.

3) For the use of the text from any of the Lightarian Reiki, Lightarian Ray and Clearings Manuals and the AngelLink and Purification Ring Booklets
In general, for these proprietary materials, permission is not granted to take any content from the Lightarian Manuals or Booklets for publicity purposes. The details in the Lightarian manuals and booklets are strictly for students, except for any the "Client Information" pages of the Ray manuals, as mentioned above. Of course, all of the Lightarian manuals are copyright materials of the Lightarian Institute and are not to be duplicated.

4) Institute's Logo
Permission is not granted to anyone to use the Lightarian Institute's logo (the graphics of globe and the Lightarian Institute's name). As independent contractors, each Teacher operates freely and apart from the Lightarian Institute.  For example, when a Teacher provides a certificate to their personal students, the Teacher should use their own name or business name on the certificates. 

5) Use of Lightarian as a business name
As a registered teacher of the Lightarian modalities, teachers are able to create a business that offers Lightarian modalities, even if that is all that is offered.  However, a Lightarian school or use the word/name  "lightarian" as a business name is strictly prohibited.  "Lightarian" is a unique name created and owned by the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation.

We trust that these comments are helpful for you regarding the possible uses of the Lightarian website and manual materials. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Lightarian Institute for clarification.